Overcoming the challenges of the modern workforce is possible with the right guidance.

Coaching is not therapy—coaches do not diagnose or treat their clients. Instead, they empower them to arrive at their own solutions for personal and professional development, giving them the tools and motivation they need to overcome obstacles and maximize their potential in any circumstances.

Executive Coaching

Team & Leadership Development

Professional Assessments

Innovative Personalized Executive Coaching Services

Dr. Inna Post uses strategies designed to help clients understand and manage stress, communicate effectively, and focus on the big picture. She starts every new client engagement by designing a unique development plan. Using internationally-recognized professional assessments, she gathers detailed feedback to understand how to best serve each individual client.

Inna works hard to acquire the necessary insights for a case and make a concrete plan for her clients to make sustainable changes. Her adaptable, multi-faceted approach to every engagement ensures results.

Areas of Expertise

Inna has experience with clients in a variety of industries:

Inna uses empirically-supported tools and methodologies, including:

Dr. Inna Post speaks with executive coaching clients
Hogan Associates Badge

Dr. Inna Post is an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation, a Columbia Credentialed Professional Executive Coach, and certified to administer the Hogan personality assessments.