Dr. Inna Post is an executive coach dedicated to helping successful people lead happier lives.

Using empirically-supported, time-efficient executive coaching methods, Inna helps business professionals reach new heights professionally and personally.

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Inna works with executives and managers seeking to sharpen their performance and enhance their professional presence and influence.

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Team & Leadership Development

Inna supports the development of professionals into organizational leaders by focusing on executive coaching for personal growth and team dynamics.

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Inna uses empirically-validated, internationally-recognized assessments as an objective resource to guide our executive coaching.



Client Testimonials

"One of the best things I ever did for my company was to work with Inna!"​
CEO and President of an International Fashion Retail Company​
"Inna is the most effective and inspiring executive coach I have ever worked with."​
Founder and President of New York-Based Mental Health Counseling Facility​
"As someone who was feeling stuck and looking to make a career change, I am so grateful that Inna was recommended to me."​
Senior Representative at a Leading Digital Educational Platform