Dr. Inna Post is a Certified Executive and Leadership Coach serving New York City and South Florida.


After receiving a Bachelor’s in Psychology at New York University, Inna went onto pursue her Master’s and Ph.D. in Psychology from the New School for Social Research. Inna then became an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation. With her training and experience, Inna pursued a certification in Executive and Leadership Coaching through Columbia University’s prestigious Teachers College coaching program.

Inna has used her 20+ year background in psychology and business to coach high-level executives and other professionals in creating fulfilling, balanced, and successful lives. Combining her education, professional experience, and personal history, Inna offers tailor made strategies for resilience, stress management, and burnout prevention.

Inna's Executive Coaching Story

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Inna and her family arrived as refugees from Ukraine with little in hand but big dreams to build a life in a country with limitless possibilities.

Upon receiving her doctorate at the age of 28, Inna established her own private mental health practice. She helped clients manage stress and understand the relationship between career-related pressure and the declines they experienced in their physical health.

These concepts mirrored what Inna was experiencing in her own life as she began feeling the burden of juggling a business while raising a family. Eventually, she put her psychology career on hold and started a more flexible career in real estate, which deepened her understanding of leadership and the business world.

“I aim to help successful people lead happier lives.”

Throughout her career in real estate, Inna worked with high-net-worth domestic and international clients on complex asset repositioning transactions. In addition, she has coached developers and investors on property acquisition negotiations, multi-party conflict resolution, re-location adjustment, and stress management.

After some time as a broker and developer, Inna began to miss working in a helping profession. She then decided to launch a coaching firm that combined her interests and skillsets. Today, she works as a Certified Executive and Leadership Coach, often contributing to entrepreneurship publications and conferences put on by acclaimed business and medical programs throughout the country.

Inna's Approach

As a coach, Inna is invested in helping successful leaders cultivate happier lives.

By believing that there is no difference between our work and personal personas, Inna says that it is most important to align one’s values with their passions and talents. In doing so, her clients become more compassionate, communicative, and purposeful in every area of their lives.

Operating from the perspective that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” Inna understands how the quality of resilience factors into success. In helping to clarify what truly matters in their lives and careers, Inna’s clients have been able to see the big picture and make more deliberate, affirming choices.

Dr. Inna Post speaks to an executive coaching client while gesturing towards her laptop.

Her blend of pragmatism, honesty, and humor creates a safe atmosphere for professionals to dig deep and explore big, difficult questions. Not to mention, Inna’s background in empirically validated psychology and coaching techniques lays the groundwork for beneficial insights and productive conversations.

In addition to rich life experience, Dr. Inna Post is an entrepreneur and understands the business world very well, including all the stress, career development, sales, communication, interpersonal relationships, professional growth, and emotional intelligence that comes with it.

By viewing each mistake or setback as an opportunity for learning, clients have a chance to grow professionally and personally. Instead of dwelling over decisions or mistakes, Inna encourages clients to become action-oriented leaders as they learn to manage their time, energy, and resources as efficiently as possible.

Outside of Work

Inna views her coaching business as an extension of her personal values, which include community, loyalty, and balance. A lifelong volunteer, helping others energizes Inna. Since her youth, she has held leadership positions in organizations close to her heart. Not only has Inna donated resources to Ukrainian orphanages and aid organizations, but she has also volunteered her time by doing grief counseling and training Ukrainian specialists. Additionally, Inna volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House and raised money for therapy, housing, and food for young international children seeking cancer treatment. 

From Inna’s perspective, boundaries never mean boredom. She is always working on a project, learning something new, and engaging in conversations that inadvertently push her to think about things from a different perspective – thus helping her connect with people on an even deeper level. In trying to make the best of every day, Inna extends her life practices and philosophies into her coaching.

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.”

As long as family, friends, and community are present, Inna can see beyond life’s stressors to appreciate what’s important. She loves to cook, travel, and spend time with her family. Together, they enjoy going to museums, concerts, and expanding their library of art books.

For Inna, a curiosity in other cultures fosters open-mindedness, flexibility, and growth.


Don’t Waste An Opportunity To Become Happier And More Productive

If you are an executive or in a management position, you may be looking for help managing stress and burnout. Dr. Inna Post provides tailored executive and leadership coaching that fosters resilience, awareness, and compassion.

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