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Executive Coaching

Our empirically validated executive coaching methods are designed to help professionals develop the insight and skills necessary to maximize their professional and organizational potential. We offer clients innovative personalized coaching that addresses their developmental needs while building on their existing strengths. We work with both individuals and teams to achieve and maintain desired objectives.  Our Executive Coaches are ideal thought partners for executives and their teams looking to gain self-awareness, clarify goals, and acquire the skills to achieve lasting business and professional results.

Team & Leadership Development

Organizations need leaders that are committed to continuous learning, innovation, and growth. At Inna Post & Associates, we believe that leadership is a skill that can be learned and improved. Our coaches offer personalized team and leadership development services to identify key strengths and address the developmental needs of executives and management teams. In addition, we focus on teamwork, innovation, strategic collaboration, and communication to help shape global leaders and drive improved performance at every level of the organizations we work with.

Professional Assessments

The customized set of professional assessments used by our coaches provides data-rich insight into who to hire, who to promote, how to improve your leadership, build coherent teams, and spur innovation. Our coaches use empirically supported, time-efficient tools to ensure optimal and sustainable progress with a clear ROI.

Areas of Expertise
Leadership Development
Team Coaching
Change and Stress Management
Career Development and Transition Coaching
EQ and Communication Skills Training
Cross-Cultural Leadership
Personality Tests
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Personal Brand Development and Management
Women and Leadership
Work-Life Balance


If you have questions about how coaching can help transform your career, or think coaching is the right step for you, let us know! A member of our team will be in touch with you within 24 hours.


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